Knowledge Workers Pro seeks to understand workforce needs, provide expert career resources, and create unique solutions that help fulfill the greater purpose of overall growth and economic prosperity around the globe.

KWP is:

Accessible – Learners access the topics they need, wherever they are, in a learning format that fits their style. Training providers have easy access to people who need training.

Practical – Adult learners acquire in-demand soft skills they need to get along and succeed in the workplace, not just theory or nice-to -know concepts. They learn and apply real skills, tools, and techniques they will use every day on the job.

Verifiable – Learners can validate skills attainment and prove they earned the KWP Career Certification Award. And, employers can verify job candidate claims.

Transferable – Competency standards begin with the job description, so the newly acquired skills transfer directly. As workers immediately apply the skills and concepts on the job, supervisors are assured that the training investment was measurable and worthwhile.