ATP Selection Criteria

● Solid Business Record and Training Plan – Including a history of business performance, customer references, and business plan

● Current Operation – describing your business, including training and overall revenue for the most recent fiscal year, competitive advantage, scope of training and service offerings, number of employees by job function, industry certifications, top three vertical industries within your customer base, and customer service ratings

● Professional Training Location – including U-shaped business training classroom set up in a quiet, self-contained area of the building, with adequate lighting, computer projection, and enough table or desk space to accommodate 30 students comfortably. Internet access is strongly encouraged for trainer use and recommended for student use in selected classes.

● Training Plan – including an outline of the business plan to launch and deliver KWP training, annual revenue targets, class registration forecasts, testing forecasts, sales and marketing initiatives, training operations and fulfillment process

● Staffing Plan – including the appointed Authorized Trainers, KWP sales representatives, and account manager, with resumes, qualifications, work experience, and customer references. Virtual course delivery experience is highly recommended.

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