The Power of Self-Leadership

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Learning Path: Workplace Skills

Duration: 3 Day(s).

Course Overview

This course is for you if you have a will to succeed – in business and in life – and you recognize that no matter how much help and guidance you receive from teachers, mentors, supervisors and peers, the one resource you must depend on most is yourself. You are ultimately responsible for your own success and fulfillment. Success will come more easily to some of you than to others. But you will come up against obstacles in reaching your goals – some of them real and practical, and some of them imaginary. Successful people recognize that you can overcome both kinds of obstacles through will, self-regard and organization.

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Learning Objectives

  • Define self-leadership and apply it to your life.
  • Take responsibility for your outcomes in life.
  • Describe who you are, what you want, and how to reach your goals.
  • Apply the four pillars of self-leadership.
  • Maximize self-worth and feel worthy of happiness.
  • Convert negative thoughts to positive motivations.

Target Audience
People self-improvement and personal success
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Course Outlines

Unit One: Setting the Foundation for Self-Leadership
What Is Self-Leadership?
Four Pillars of Self-Leadership
Unit Two: Pillar 1 - Know Who You Are
Applying What You Learn - Living Your Values
What's a Personal Vision Statement?
Take a Closer Look
Unit Three: Reaching Self-Understanding
Understanding the Importance of Goal Setting
Pre-Assignment Review
Identify Dreams and Set Goals
Meet the Bucket Principle
Dig Deeper into the Bucket
Now, Identify Your Goals
Unit Four: Ready, Set, Go!
Let's Get Started Today
Use Tools to Help You Prioritize
Visualize Your Goal
Choose a Mentor
Use Support Systems
Create and Follow Your Action Plan
Motivate, Motivate, Motivate!
Unit Five: Dealing with Setbacks
Managing Change
Unit Six: Pillars 2 and 3 - Know What You Do and What You Need to Learn
Manage Your Behavior
Make Learning a Lifelong Commitment
Unit Seven: Motivation for Optimists
Motivation from Within
Creating a Motivational Climate
The Value of Optimism
The ABCs of Optimism - A Framework to View an Issue
Pessimism vs. Optimism
Reacting to Adversity
Unit Eight: Understanding Stress and Its Impact
What Is Stress?
What's Your Stress Level?
Understanding Stress
Unit Nine: Building a Solid Foundation
What's the Root Cause of Stress?
Four Pillars to Manage Stress
Case Study
Lessons to Lower the Stress
Unit Ten: Strategies to Change Your Mind
Three Factors at Play
Use the Triple-A Approach
Avoiding the Stress Tax
Take a Stress Inventory
Finding Some Solutions
Log Your Stress
Applying What You Learn - Drainers and Fillers
Unit Eleven: Understanding Self-Esteem
What Is Self-Esteem?
Some Helpful Background
Putting Self-Esteem in Perspective
Unit Twelve: Building Your Self-Esteem
Create Positive Impressions
Applying What You Learn - Good or Bad Impressions?
Stop Sharing Negative Thoughts
Perfection Is a Myth
Tarik's Negative Thinking
Eleven Techniques That Build Confidence
Applying What You Learn - A Case Study
Unit Thirteen: Ask for What You Want
Tips to Get Results
Unit Fourteen: Pillar 4 - Use What You Know
Caring for Your Physical Self
Understanding Emotional Intelligence

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