Marketing in the Digital World

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Learning Path: Career Skills

Duration: 3 Day(s).

Course Overview

This course presents strategies for managers and entrepreneurs who are responsible for the marketing function at their companies – or considering starting a new business and looking for guidance on creating a marketing plan and function. Small businesses don`t usually have large marketing budgets, so they must use different strategies.  They still must build their identity, grow revenues, and meet business objectives.

This comprehensive marketing course helps you explore the strategies and tactics used by marketers to identify business opportunities, craft product and service offerings to address those opportunities, build successful brands, engage with target audiences, and generate demand. We’ll focus heavily on trends and tactics for marketing in the digital world, and devote a lot of attention to the differences, to make this program as helpful as possible in a marketplace whose future is digital.

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Learning Objectives

  • The definition of “marketing.”
  • How to keep your costs low while achieving brand recognition.
  • How to develop a marketing plan and campaign.
  • How to plan for your market launch by performing a SWOT analysis.
  • How to integrate your Internet marketing strategy with your overall marketing plan.
  • How to Influence and engage your ideal clients.
  • How to advertise online.
  • Use metrics and reporting to adjust your online strategy.
  • Attracting readers to your web pages.
  • Aligning content with your website structure.
  • How to make your writing open and easy to suit a variety of readers.
  • How to define what a strong brand is, and how to manage it.
  • The brand’s product, key features and values.
  • Brand positioning.
  • Visual identity, brand name, slogan, and title.
  • Guiding your employees how to live up to the brand image.
  • Planning an effective launch campaign for your brand, and
  • Monitoring your brand, and understand how to react to changes in the market.

Target Audience
Marketing professionals, business owners, entrepreneurs
Classroom and Audiobook 

Course Outlines

Unit One: Marketing Management - The Basics
Modern Marketing
Recognizing Market Trends
Doing Market Research
Strategies for Success
Unit Two: An Introduction to Branding
What Is a Brand?
Identify Your Products and Features
Unit Three: What's Your Mission?
Creating a Vision for the Future
Position Your Brand
Unit Four: Developing Your Style
Creating a Style Statement
Develop Your Brand Name and Slogan
Create Your Visual Identity
Unit Five: Launching Your Brand
Turn Your Employees into Ambassadors
Connect with Your Customers
Launch Your Brand
Unit Six: Measure and Evaluate Brand Health
Give Your Brand a Check-Up
Middleton's Brand Matrix
Interpret Evaluation Results
Keep the Brand Alive - Brand Refreshing and Re-Launching
Taking on a Total Re-Brand
Unit Seven: Demand Generation
Advertising Myths
Creating a Need to Buy
Using Trade Shows to Generate Demand
Networking Tips
Unit Eight: Developing Your Marketing Plan
The Ps of Marketing
SWOT Analysis
A Simple Marketing Plan for Small Budgets
A Plan for Increasing Business
Unit Nine: An Internet Marketing Primer
Popular Internet Marketing Strategies
Unit Ten: Creating Your Internet Marketing Plan
Using What You Have in Place
Navigating the Marketing Cycle
Unit Eleven: Designing Your Site
What Does a Web Site Look Like?
Tips for the Site Hierarchy
Menus, Buttons, and Links
It's All in the Presentation
Know the Goals
Write to Get Read
Enhancing Content with Video and Sound
Getting the Attention You Deserve
Balancing SEO with "Word Stuffing"
Unit Twelve: Business Writing for the Web
Web Writing Is a Different Animal!
Creating Content That Engages
Content Style That Suits the Web
It's a Matter of Influence
Web Structure and Design
Unit Thirteen: Building Your Online Brand
Having an Influence on Buyers
Email Marketing That Gets Read
Getting Your Message Out
Search Engine Optimization
Understanding How Search Works
The Top 3 Search Engines
Other Search Options People Use
Optimizing Keywords
Working with Others
Watching Your Rank in Search Engines
Online Advertising - Pay-Per-Click
What PPC Service Should I Use?

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