Program Benefits

Enhance your training portfolio. Expand your business. And carry the most elite international professional certification in the region.

With the growing demand for business and soft skills training and certification, the KWP Career Certification curriculum is your best choice to achieve just that.

Benefits for KWP Authorized Training Professionals

  •  Exclusive membership in the KWP Trainer's Hub, an elite community of professionals in the industry within KWP Connect.
  •  Exposure to organizations who are seeking qualified contract and full-time trainers to improve their employees’ performance with business and soft skills
  •  Participation in the KWP Train-the-Trainer Workshop – a two-day retreat where you’ll learn the KWP training and certification methodology developed and governed by the KWP International Career Certification Standards Advisory Board. You’ll also refresh your understanding of adult learning principles, fine tune your platform skills, and earn KWP Certified Trainer Credentials to represent KWP certification courses anywhere in the world.
  •  Networking with other trainers to exchange ideas and offer tips and hints to improve the classroom experience.
  •  Free access to KWP resources, a library of blogs, videos, and white papers you can share with your prospects and clients to add value to your relationship.
  •  Opportunities to present KWP webinars, positioning you as an expert and broadening your exposure worldwide.
  •  Participation in the KWP Annual Awards Banquet honoring top KWP Professionals and Distinguished Certification Candidates.

What are the requirements
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