Test Authoring and Hosting

Validate Skills and Competencies

Rely on Test Authoring and Hosting Services brought to you by Skilled Matrix, a Skilled Now Solution.

Skilled Matrix is a state-of-the-art testing platform offered in a highly scalable, secure cloud environment. The powerful turn-key platform is your gateway to:

  •  Author and publish certification tests - Create and maintain your tests with flexible workflow management tools and powerful item authoring tools wrapped into an easy-to-use interface. All governed by robust security features to preserve and protect test integrity.
  • Host secure testing services – Simplify your corporate training and certification process. Administer, score, track, and report results. Establish a private and secure portal to deliver standard, consistent, and easily accessible tests to your employees anywhere in the world.
  • Access all KWP certification tests, practice tests, and assessments.
  • Manage testing performance – Staying on top of the psychometric performance of each question is a critical part of testing validity, reliability, and credibility. Robust reporting features provide detailed test analytics and reports on demand, in real-time.

Public or private portal access.
New to authoring and certification testing practices? Skilled Matrix psychometric experts and certified adult educators collaborate with you from beginning to end. Once we understand your mission and requirements, we’ll guide you through each step along the way:

  •  Job analyses to identify job knowledge, skills, and competency requirements
  •  Test design
  •  Question writing and validation
  •  Test publishing
  •  Psychometric reporting

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