Advisory Services

Training Needs Analysis

Whether you are facing organizational changes, pressures to improve employee productivity and effectiveness, or increase customer loyalty, start with a training needs analysis and skills assessments. It's the first step toward understanding enterprise performance challenges and building a comprehensive training strategy to address them.

KWP-authorized consultants help you pinpoint areas that need the most focus, reveal individual skills gaps, determine if training is the appropriate response to the performance problem, define the course of action, and select appropriate courses to support the overall strategy.

You’ll be able to proceed with confidence that training dollars are spent on developing the skill sets that will have the greatest positive impact on performance and deliver overall value to your organization.
Enterprises may choose to assess the skills competencies of their workers across a variety of job disciplines, for a team, a department, or enterprise wide.

Skills Assessments

Career Certification Pre-assessments – Work experience counts with KWP Career Certifications. Using the career competency standards as a guide, individuals self-affirm that they have a job skill by checking the appropriate box on the checklist of for the selected Career Track . Based on an analysis of the result, they may choose to take the Career Certification test based on this prior knowledge. If they pass the test with a score 75+, they will earn the certification. If they do not pass, they should take the related certification course before they attempt to retake the certification test.

Knowledge Assessments with Skills Wizard

Provided in partnership with Skilled Matrix - A Skilled Now Solution - Skills Wizard assessments help individuals determine if they have the job skills they need to succeed in less than 60 minutes. You’ll receive a personal report that includes a percentage correct score for each core topic and the accuracy result for each competency objective. You’ll also get training recommendations to help bolster your knowledge.

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