Why Certification?

Benefits of Business and Soft Skills Certification

Professional and trade certifications aren’t new. Traditionally, however, these certifications focus on the technical skills of the job itself – how to program in HTML; how to repair an automobile; how to maintain networks; how to administer tests in a laboratory; how to teach a certification course. These technical certifications don’t automatically translate into the ability to communicate effectively with customers who need these services, for example. Developing one’s soft skills adds balance and interpersonal skills savvy to the technical talents.

Employee certification is also a powerful organizational advantage. With certified employees on your team, customers are assured that your organization sincerely cares about the level of service you provide and that you care about your employees’ career development. Executives are confident that their managers and staff can effectively solve issues, provide outstanding service, collaborate with co-workers, and contribute to the improvement of processes, products, and services. It’s a classic win-win-win scenario.

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