Small Business Ownership

Today’s business environment is a complex place to be, regardless of business size, type, or location. As new business owners, they need to keep the big picture in mind, keep an eye on the future, stay abreast of the competition, and be grounded in day-to-day realities. At the same time, even as a brick-and-mortar company or home-based business, the company must have an Internet presence. And, they must do it right.

Not only do they need to attract customers to buy their products and services, they need to attract stakeholders and financial partners to raise capital and thrive. They also need to know what kind of business owner they are, have a candid view of their strengths and weaknesses, and know when it’s time to hire experts, delegate, and get out of the way. To balance these variables in a highly competitive marketplace, they need to draw upon a wide variety of management skills and know-how to manage the business profitably and sustain solid financial viability.

The business owner is part visionary, part entrepreneur, part expert, part front line worker, part manager, and can be a jack of all trades. However, their primary responsibilities are to lead the way, build a sustainable business model, and effectively manage their team.

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